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My Weekend excursion to the Horse Expo


I have decided that I will be the spokes-dog ambassador for Service Companion Dogs of America, after all, I’m learning to be a service dog and I’m privy to all of the inner workings of the organization, that makes me the perfect choice, so I elect myself. My duties will be to talk to human kind and let them know how important we service dogs are to our human counterparts. In my quest to get the knowledge out, I have already attended a school presentation where I talked to children while my human partners explained our role in a handicapped person’s life. I have attended festivals also, where I traveled around and talked to people and showed them how calmly I can interact with animals of other species and how calmly I react to loud music and other noises. This ambassador thing is a snap!

This weekend, I and many of my canine colleagues attended the first annual Horse Expo in Escondido. We had our own yard area where people could come in and talk to us while we roamed freely about the yard and played. Many people believe that service dogs never get to play and that’s just not true. We service dogs have our ‘working hours’ just like you people have your ‘working hours’. Could you imagine your supervisor’s reaction if all of a sudden, in the middle of a work day, a bunch of you decided to roll around on the floor and tussle and play? It’s the same for us, there’s a right place and time for playtime. While at this expo, we met other dogs and horses and a goat even came into our compound with us! The goat was a little scared of us and the feeling was sort of mutual, but I still tried to make friends. Maybe next time! Well, I have to get back to work learning the service dog occupation; I’ll peek back in again soon!

Horse Expo, me with the goat

This goat didn't much want to make friends with me, but I tried.

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