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Mom’s not feeling well

November 28, 2010

For the past five days I know something’s been wrong with mom, she’s making all sorts of noises and using a whole lot of tissues. She’s staying in bed a lot which gets kind of boring for me. I want to play and get into mischief but she’s not up to playing with me. My two canine playmates were gone for a few days too and that gave me just the cats to play with. Cats are good to snuggle with when you’re sleepy, but they don’t make the best playmates. When I try to rough it up with them all they do is hiss at me and run. They don’t much like it when I wrap my mouth around their heads, guess it’s because I get their ears all sloppy. I missed Abby a lot because we love to play together.  Abby got home yesterday afternoon and we played and played into the night. The cats seemed happy that my playmate was back too. They sat near us and watched our playtime intently.

I’m growing really fast, I used to fit on mom’s lap easily, now it’s much harder, but I still manage it. Mom just has to stretch out more and create more lap. Bella (the labrador of the house) taught me that there is food up on the kitchen counters. I enthusiastically try to reach up but mom is none to pleased with me when I do so I may have to stop that. Bella and Abby both taught me that chicken eggs are yummy and we all help ourselves to the eggs the hens lay. I have to climb into the box but Bella and Abby can just reach in and get them. I’m not so sure mom is apprecative of our ‘help ourselves’ attitudes.

Well, there are leaves to chase and neighbor dogs to bark at so I must be going, I’ll catch up with you soon!

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